Domarr- I think that my oldest bro was born the world’s smallest adult. Always saying stuff like, “Fin, watch out for that wave” “Fin, stop talking to the fish and get back on land” “Fin, don’t listen to what Rynn tells you” “Fin, it’s not safe to ride dolphins”. It’s a big pain sometimes but he can be really fun too (when he wants), so I try to listen to him (sometimes…).

Rynn- I really like Rynn, she’s the best! She made me this awesome board that you can ride in the ocean and go really fast through the waves! My other brothers and sisters tell me she used to be different a long time ago. Every now and then she gets this scary look on her face like she’s having a nightmare wide awake. I know she does some bad things sometimes, but she still does a lot of good things too. That’s gotta even things out right? Right!

Helix- Big bro Helix is super smart. He’s the worst person to play guessing games with because he always wins. But he makes everything really fun! Him and Hayden are the best to get paired up with when you wanna prank someone, they always know how to get away fast! He’s also a really hard worker and even lets me help whenever I want! He promised me that one day he’d find out where I came from, I just wish he didn’t need so many blood samples to do it! My fingers only have so much blood bro!

Hayden- Sis really likes being alone in her Garden, but she’s never kicked me out before. After she taught me how to water her plants, she told me we could work together on an irrigation system. I don’t really know what that means but she said we’d get to play in the water to get it! She’s really smart too, but kinda quiet. I hope she stop’s worrying so much about us though. Every time I turn around she’s giving Rynn “protection” before she goes into town. Protection from what? She never tells me…

Sigvar- Brother Sigvar’s still a kid like me because he’s that cool. He can talk to birds too! He’s the best because as long as it doesn’t mean going in the water, he’ll always stop to have fun! He’s really nice to everyone, but not everyone is as nice to him. I don’t get it, but the people in town don’t like him because of his feathers. I guess it’s like the thing with the ocean, everyone’s afraid of it but me. Don’t let it get you down! We’ll show em’ all who’s little after we become great!


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