First Day Out

The trip to Lillypond was so much fun, my bro Sigvar let me ride on his back the whole way there. The clouds were so close I could smell the rain. By the time we got there it was really late, and if not for me and Sig, we probably wouldn’t have got a room until the morning. Domoor bro really laid into Heliz about being in his Dragon form, but I didn’t see him hesitate the next morning to show off in it for the innkeeper. He seemed nice and all, I feel really bad about what happened. Guess my older bros and sis’ really need to think more before wrecking someone’s home. I made sure to back off after that, Top Poppa won’t get to blame me for trouble this time.

We visited a woman named Bonny outside of the town. She has a lot of sheep that like to wrestle the same way Bro Helix and Sis Rynn used to. I felt really sad to hear what happened to her children. I can’t do anything for her daughter, but promised to find her son! Hopefully the week he’s been missing hasn’t killed him yet.

We started our search in the Forrest, and man is it way bigger that the one we have in Dragon’s Landing. I found a pond after Rynn gave me the lead and it was pretty deep. When I went in to look for stuff the mud was so thick I could barely see anything! When I felt something at the bottom I swam up in it and found out it was a skull! That was super freaky!

Before getting my clothes back on, we got found by a white horse. People in town had talked about seeing that horse over the last month. Sig Bro tried to talk to it and even pet it, but something went wrong. Sig’s hand got stuck and the horse dragged him down into this pond we found. We all jumped in to save him and I got stuck on it too! I wasn’t afraid though, I kept biting and scratching at it to let my brother go before best sis Rynn got o hold of it and ripped it’s head off! When we got out of the water, Helix said that it was something called a Kelpie, don’t know what that is but its named after something that tastes bad, so it must not have been too good either.

There were a lot more bones at the bottom of that pond. We figured that was the cause of all the missing children, and went back to town to tell everyone the bad news. We got worse news when we got back though. Another child got snatched. I don’t know what’s going on here, but something tells me that those wolves we heard about might have something to do with this.

First Day Out

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