Domarr - Dragon's Landing

DAY 1: A Spring Morning – Father has given us an actual mission. Children are missing from Lilypond village. It’s our job to successfully locate and return the children to their families. At first, I was resistant to the idea of my younger siblings going, especially Fintan. And Rynn is incredibly unpredictable, especially in circumstances under pressure. However, I recognize that the actual primary goal is to help unify us as a family. I know that with my lead, my siblings and i will become a powerful force.

Day 1: Night – It’s never an easy task to make sure everyone is well rested and ready to go. This night has been a nightmare. It started with Rynn promising me that she wouldn’t do anything foolish. Sigvar seems eager to prove himself, he has not had the respect that the rest of us have had. None of that seems bad, but then Rynn broke her promise and left. Fintan was at the beach again. At this point i’m certain he is ignoring any thing I have said about water. After tucking him in, I waited a long time for Rynn to come back home. After an hour or two I became extremely frustrated. We were great friends when we were very young. But when i was about 6 she started to change. For a long time I tried to enforce the rules on her, as if that could ever change her back. For the better part of a year, I have let her do what she wants. I no longer cared if she was up all night screwing half the town, i would not protest, i have become too tired with her to do so. But tonight is different. Now we have something important that relies on our unification as a family. I need the old Rynn back and I need her now.

Day 2: Very Early Morning – I found Rynn copulating with about 10 women. A sight I have seen many times in the past while trying to get Rynn to come home. She’s been with Women and Men. I think a few of them may even have been married. But I never tell anyone, for our family’s sake. Someone has to retain our family’s respect among the village. After resisting the temptations of the women, and arguing with Rynn, I finally convinced her to come home. Although I had to carry her while she was naked. Good thing it is still dark.

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Domarr - Dragon's Landing

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