Helix - Entry 1 - An Unusual Request

Father Trahern has called the siblings together on this day with a peculiar mission. We are to investigate reports from the town of Lilypond concerning missing children. While I’m sure there’s a legitimate merit of sorts to his claims that this is practice for expanding out beyond the Landing, I’ve slight concerns for sending out what is essentially the entire Skybane lineage all at once at the request of outsiders.

I have better things to do, but I wouldn’t dare let some of my finer test subjects wander off out of my sight and into unknown territories for too long, and certainly I would be most distraught if anything were to happen to Hayden. Likewise, if I were to remain adamant against leaving, I may draw additional undue suspicions in my lab, due to being the only sibling left for The Fathers to focus and prod upon. I’ve instructed Bant well enough that he can watch over the lab on his own in my absence.

With any luck Bant will actually listen to simple instruction and not do anything too rash and compromise Coil in the process. Even if it is only a growing collection of testing samples and notes in the meantime, with enough work it will grow into a vast breakthrough; the importance of each small step should not be overlooked or wasted.

At the very least, if I’m to keep an eye out for any catastrophic events befalling my siblings, I suppose it’s as good a time as any to be prepared. No doubt someone will become affected from or sick off of the local plants or food that are not quite native to our tongues. I’ll turn to Hayden for guidance should we come across any peculiarities of such types, but I would be remiss to not have my field kit on me in order to collect any unusual samples – or side effects – on our journey.

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Helix - Entry 1 - An Unusual Request

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