Helix - Entry 4b - Skybane

((The following has been written on a tinted grey parchment, primarily in draconic, but appears to be gibberish nonsense, even of the language itself. A cipher key would be required to translate into proper draconic))

- Sister Hayden -

Dear sister H,

I fear for your safety. Chances are great that a war of retaliation may soon be upon us.
We must do what we can to protect our mother, our heritage, if all else must be lost. She is of our one true blood. The loss of our fathers and siblings would be significant losses indeed, and ones I would not have come to pass lightly – but I hope you are prepared in the event of drastic circumstances. Mother’s survival and your own are of the top priority.

The history mother spoke of, that of the Queen’s twins, when confronted with our knowledge of Fintan’s possible heritage can be taken just as much of a warning as a wondrous bedtime story.

If confrontation is what the Rising Sun seek, it may not be an ordinary war of peasants and pirates.

I fear this is shall become a dragon war. And they will come for Fintan and mother at this landing before long.

I can only hope they haven’t managed to retain their fullbloods. If their heritage remains stronger than our own, then the rest of us may be greatly expendable.

Helix - Entry 4b - Skybane

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