Helix - Entry 4 - Burning Dawn

Dragon’s Landing faces a dire night – the darkest I’ve yet claimed to witness this bastion of our name.

Our worries in “properly” revealing Fintan’s transformations have appropriately been overshadowed by the descending darkness that greeted our return. A madness has gripped our name as our mother has returned from the lands of the Rising Sun wounded. While I had great faith in her tenacity from the scars of her many years, Maissel spoke of complications – well enough to be of personal concern to herself and father Trahern.

As much as I had wishes for being of use medicinally in mother’s care, I have enough respect in her trust of the fathers to know that I shall not get in the way if they prefer me elsewhere. Nevertheless, I shall make my services available – I suspect they fear I may be too unorthodox or risky in my approach – a valid concern, I suppose, but mother’s safety takes priority other my more… experimental procedures I reserve for those beings less likely to be immediately missed.

In our attempts to properly relocate mother into the castle, a ship bearing the symbol of the Rising Sun appeared on the far horizon, and… Trahern – he suddenly began to cough out vast quantities of water. At first it appeared as if he may have somehow been wounded, but the severity of his erratic movements, and the discharge being entirely made of water, gave a stronger impression of external forces at work – likely… some sort of curse? It was a shocking sight, one I believe will never leave my mind.

We had to act immediately. The chaos of the ship, Trahern’s state, and mother’s state was reaching a critical level. Fintan desparately wanted to attempt to swim out and sink the ship, but I knew with his abilities he had shown earlier that if there would have been any way whatsoever to save Trahern, we would need Fintan’s water manipulation potential to do it.

I… I am not sure if we could have done things any differently than what transpired in those lost, chaotic moments. Everyone went in all sorts of directions, I… I cannot blame them, none of us have actually dealt with a real threat of aggression like this before. If I had known that the fathers were gathered on the southeast balcony, I could have fired a distress shot, calling them to our position, but… Rynn passed by overhead from the direction of the castle and over the ocean before I could stop her, and in that same second, Domarr and Sigvar were already carrying mother and Trahern away. The chaos and noises of the gathering crowds proved too rebellious to the sounds of the air, and calling together a more coordinated effort proved futile.

I did what I could to convince Fintan to transform while we took chase to the castle, but we’d lost far too much time.

I’m sorry, mother. I’m sorry. We have lost one of your great fires.
May the younger learn and grow – as Trahern had wanted, but not as he had expected.

Helix - Entry 4 - Burning Dawn

Norawarthel Jogurtron