Sigvar Skybane


Nickname: Silvia
Age: 15 (The potion gave him a more mature appearence)
Sex: Female (The potion changed his sex)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 135
Hair: White
Eyes: Light Blue
Brand: Over right eye (Dark Blue)

Sigvar’s Journal

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Sigvar’s Theme)

Doll Credit

Azora Fede

Dragon Form:
 photo Feather_dragon_by_Kuroi_kisin.jpg


Sigvar is one of the younger sons of the Skybane clan and only child of Svanir, leader of the Dragon’s landing hunters. He tends to be very quiet, humble and soft-spoken, but he is more openly expressive when around Fintan, who he considers his actual brother despite being of unclear parenthood. He tends to his birds and animals on a daily basis and likes to go off to explore on his own if nothing is expected of him that day. The brand in his face and his closeness to animals have always been looked upon with fear and suspicion, making it really hard for him to make human friends outside his own family. He can be Aloof at times, but he is far from cold-hearted. In fact, he is very welcoming and kind when approached and he is more then willing to do what his family asks of him.

Sigvar has recently come into his dragon form, but unlike his siblings, his form is more feathered than scaled and makes him look like a large bird with a dragon body. In a place were large birds, such as harpy’s and sirens plague the landscape, it has caused him to become even more of a pariah among his countrymen. He can communicate with animals directly and can control the power of the wind with just a thought, even in his human form. Having only turned into a dragon recently, he has only learned to channel the air around his tail into a pressurized disc and toss it long distances.

Sigvar Skybane

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