Domarr Skybane


Nickname: Rocky
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 225 Pounds
Hair: Dark Gray
Eyes: Gray

Domarr’s Journal



Domarr is the eldest son of the Skybane Dragon Clan. And the only son of Trahearne, the high father. The enormous responsibility of caring for and protecting his siblings is placed on him much of the time, though he doesn’t mind, as he wishes his family to become powerful, and cares deeply for all of his siblings. He has disagreements with his siblings from time to time, especially Rynn, who was his favorite in early childhood. But he is patient and gradually hopes that they all understand that everything he does is for the sake of the family.

Domarr is of Dragon and Juggernaut decent. With Earth/Stone attributes. Being very physical in nature, he does not posses any magical qualities, even while in Dragon form. He is, however, the strongest of his siblings, being able to throw huge boulders and shake the ground. What he lacks in magic (No breath or mystical attacks) he gains in strength. His dragon is a dark stone like color, making him appear as if he was almost crafted out of a mountain.

Domarr Skybane

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